Just the thought of you stepping out of the luxurious vehicle with your wedding veil kissing the ground makes the heartbeat skip, imagine how beautiful the actual moment would be. All those brides and grooms who have ever dreamt of a fairytale wedding can reach a step closer to their dream by hiring Airdrie Party Bus. You can pamper yourself while arriving at your wedding venue in a lavish limousine.


When you're calling to inquire about your wedding package, don't forget to discuss the pre-party! We'll leave the circumstances of what you wish to do during your wild nights on the town to the maid of honor and best man.


Humans of all ages love to have their date of birth celebrated, though often in very different ways. No matter if your celebration involves cake, ice cream or cake flavored alcohol, Airdrie Party Bus can handle all your party requests.


As I'm sure you are well aware, there are a ton of amazing, huge concerts and festivals every year in and around Calgary. No matter your style of music there will be something for you. Why not start the party early in a limousine or party bus full of friends and turning the stereo up on the way?


While consuming beverages, club & bar-hopping, the major concern is how are you going to get to the next venue? Save yourself and friends risk and money by going in together on a party bus or limousine and keep the party going all night. Make sure to have some extra room for all the new friends you will make during the night.


Need group transportation to a company party, special event or annual meeting? Our drivers ensure that you will arrive hassle-free, relaxed, in style and on time. Our separate storage compartments can accommodate golf clubs or skis ensuring maximum comfort.